Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ant Busses

I just spent seven minutes squishing ants with a sponge in my kitchen.  Where did they come from?  I've lived here four years and have never seen an ant, much less a colony.  I mean, this is the first literal day I've seen them, too.  I wonder if they came on some fruit I bought at the store. Or my compost bucket.  Hmm.  I better check that and dump it.

Ants.  Well, if it becomes a problem, I at least know a good pest control guy I could call.


An additional arg has me in a bit of a strop today.  My van won't start.  I first noticed it at 4:30 this morning getting ready to drive Fernanda to the airport.  Whoops.  So we took Paul's car.

I asked my housemate to jump the van (I was going to say 'jump me' but realized that looked ALL SORTS of wrong) so I could run an errand and take the kids to a birthday party.  No luck. It's bone dead.  (Can I say that?  I know the original phrase is "bone dry" ... )  

Aubrey was really disappointed to miss the party at the park, so I suggested (or maybe it was her) that we take the bus.  Oh goody, an adventure.  But really, what's my problem?  I've been grousing about not using the van so much and biking more places and saving money on gas ($96.60 last time I filled up), so here is my opportunity.  Not to mention the impression it'll make on the children.  Kind of like a field trip.  And I'll need to get used to those if I'm homeschooling this year.  (Eeeep.  I keep finding little challenges with that fact ... now that I've officially made the decision and talked to the children about it.  Sigh.)

So, I'm off to the bus stop.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Babies are coming back!

My babies are coming back tonight!  (Well, they aren't babies anymore ... but they were in this picture!)  Hooray!!!  I can't wait to see them! (Ache, Ache, Ache)

More pictures later because I believe they will look TOTALLY different than when I left them in Massachusetts.

Time to finish last minute tasks before we leave for the airport.

Like maybe wash the van.  Eew.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Need Suggestions

Does anyone have any ideas for educational, fun activities to do with kids ages 7-10 during the year?

I've checked out Nearby Nature, Bounce, Homesource and The Science Factory.  Anything else?

I think I'm serious about this!  

My only concern is when to find time to write that novel in November.