Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why There Are No Pictures Of India Yet

While we were in India–on the day we were leaving Pune for Mumbai for the last stage of our travels, I awoke from a dream centered on Humphrey (our dog) and our dog-sitter. I lay in bed, drowsing, when my partner’s phone rang. It was our dog trainer. The sitter had called her. There had been a dog fight between two of our dogs and our dog-sitter had been injured, as well–trying to break it up.
After about fourteen phone calls, and professionals, family, and friends pitching in and helping out, our dogs (and the sitter) got the care they needed.
1461295_10152678707608382_8233987831098694858_nWe’ve been home for a week now and the dogs had their check-up today. Poor Humphrey got the worst of it then, and still now. He’s got a raging ear infection in the the ear that was damaged in the fight. The wound isn’t infected, though it’s so severely red that the vet gave him prednisone–as well as his antibiotics, ear canal flushing stuff, and some salve. The ear infection is like the kind your babies and toddlers get. Only goopier. (Grimace.)
I’m lying on the couch with him right now, snuggling, in an attempt to prevent the scraping, licking, and “cleaning” he’s trying to do to his face and ear. He had a cone of shame on so he wouldn’t get at his wounds, but probably that contributed to his ear infection, so the vet is encouraging it to be off–as long as he doesn’t scratch it.
When I leave the house, I put the cone on him. I haven’t decided whether to put it back on while he sleeps.
Family and friends are super interested in our India pictures and stories, but the immediate stress of holidays and caring for our pets has slowed me down a bit. Posts and pictures of India will be here starting next week!
Stay tuned for What Women Tourists Need to Bring to India.