Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cable and Illness

I'm sick.  Not horribly, but enough to keep me to my bed.  This means the children are not supervised.  I mean, I can hear them and I can hear that they are watching TV -- and not the TV shows I approve of -- but I'm not suggesting a board game, or playing outside, or at the very least sitting next to them on the couch and either a) commentating on the show they are watching, "Wow, that was mean.  I wonder why he is so upset?  Do you think it is right for someone to do that?", or b) turning the channel to Discovery Kids channel or Animal Planet -- something more educational. 

Yelling from the bed to change the channel is not going to happen.  And so I listen.  And cringe.  And guilt.  And feel exhausted.  

Tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Down to the Underwear and Socks

Every Sunday afternoon, my kids and I prepare for the coming school week by picking out a weeks worth of outfits (down to the underwear and socks).  We stack them in hanging sweater shelves in their closets.  There are only six compartments, but one day of the weekend ends up being a 'pajama day' anyway.

Family Teeth Brushing Is At Hand!

I still have trouble getting my kids (ages 7 and 9) to brush their teeth.  I've found that instilling FAMILY TEETH BRUSHING TIME works well.  

I get to see how long they brush (and that they do it at all), we share some silly time together and I feel good for modeling good dental hygiene ... plus it prevents me from eating too late in the evening!

Anniversary Art Work

For our last anniversary,  I raided our photo albums and made my husband a collage out of pictures of us together or places we'd been together.  

It hangs on our dining room wall now.