Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This is the picture I took last year in September on their first day of school. I wonder what their picture will look this year.  Pajamas?  Sadness? Excitement? Relaxation?  Because I'm home-schooling this year.  EEK!

Admittedly, I have several ideas up my sleeve for content, I'm also nervous about making sure they learn enough to keep them on track for when they re-enter the alternative schools they are on the waiting lists for.  Also the alone time thing.  That's really scaring me.  I am finding creative ways to take those quiet moments for myself. I don't want my writing to suffer because of this choice.

I CAN have it all.

I know I'll be great on the reading, writing and science and PE and art.  

Reading:  We read together ALL the time, I'll take them to the library more often (once a week? or once a month?), and I'll have both of them read out loud to me every other day (everyday?). I'll also encourage Joey to read to himself when his confidence gains momentum.  He still says, without thinking, "I can't read." And I know he can.  And, of course, I'll have Aubrey read in her room once a day.  (She needs the alone time, too.)

Writing:  I am going to open a blog for each one of them to 'write' in.  I'm going to open email accounts for both of them.  And I'm going to instill 'letter writing' day at least twice a month.  I will join them in all these endeavors.  When they blog, I'll blog.  When they write a letter to a family member, I will too. Most of the time I will allow them the choice of emailing or handwriting a letter.  But I do want them to practice their penmanship.  That, I think, should be everyday.  How though?

Science: That's easy.  SpiralScouts
Also, the Science Factory and the Planetarium.

And then I have Homesource to flesh out the math or address other subjects that they each may enjoy.  Like, Aubrey wants to take a clay class and a chemistry class this term.

Socializing will be no problem.  We have friends that are home-schoolers (several, in fact). And the p.e. will not be a problem.  The home-schooling group I just joined has weekly park days and there is a gymnastics place that the kids like that has a home-school open gym.  Currently they are in tae kwon do, but want to take a break from that, and swimming.  (I'm remembering that HomeSource has free swimming classes.  I'll look into to that, too.)

Whew!  I've definitely got my work cut out for me.  I am learning to listen to their interests and involving them more in the search for information.  I want learning to be a fun and for their critical thinking and creativity and curiosity to be nurtured.  I hope I'm up to the task.

How do you home-school?

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