Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Latest Adventure

I got up this morning after lying in bed with Paul, snuggling and talking in the dark. (I love doing this and it never seems to happen.) I impetuously and good-heartedly made homemade, gluten-free biscuits and humanely treated sausage gravy (*snort* that sounded funny ... free range sausage) and a yummy pot of coffee.

No one liked the food. Sigh. This is why I don't try sometimes.

I gave the gravy to the dogs and the biscuits to the chickens. I ate the rest.

The animals at least appreciated it. The chickens! Oh my godd. They made the most interesting noises of excitement over the biscuits, I didn't mind "wasting" them.


I'm not making breakfast tomorrow. Let them eat dry cereal out of the bag while watching cartoons on t.v. They're happier anyway.

Not that I'm bitter. :) 'Cuz the chickens love me, ya know?

In other news, we had a wild adventure yesterday. (I love my crazy life.)

The kids were in daycare so I could attend a counseling appointment. Afterwards I picked them up and then picked up my friend, Jesse. We all went grocery shopping and then, in the checkout line, discovered that I'd locked my keys in the van. Sigh.

We opted to walk home with the four grocery bags and twelve pack of toilet paper in arms ... in the dark ... in the rain. Yes. It was raining, too. :) We decided to do this as opposed to waiting forty-five minutes in the rain, past dinner hour, when Robert was already doing his spiraly/spinning like a top thing from lack of food. (Even after we got home and the exercise that provided, he found it difficult to keep still and quiet and to stop talking non-stop during dinner.)

After dinner and the kids were upstairs preparing for bed, Paul called to say he was on his way home from his meeting. Surprisingly enough I had forgotten about our mishap by this time and just said we'd wait the movie for him. He walked in and said, "Where's the van?"

Me and Jesse just laughed.

After my glorious soak in the tub this morning and the kids' Saturday morning cartoons ritual, we'll all (the kids and I because Paul is at work) walk down there and wait for roadside assistance to unlock the van for us.

And then yardwork.


If it doesn't rain.


Or I could write.


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