Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Writing about your Divorce


Writing about your divorce is tricky. There's always the censor dude in your mind with a taser gun threatening to zap you if you: get too snarky, get too whiny, get too personal, say something that your ex would be embarrassed about, say something that your ex would be hurt by, say something that would alienate your friends -- your mutual ones anyway, or say anything that makes you look bad.

I have an online friend that I met once (I met her in real life first at a writer's conference and then became a lurker on her blog) who wrote about her divorce for all to see -- with no censorship. It was awesome. So refreshing, so real, so honest. And so damn funny! I want to be able to do that. ... Write without censorship. And. You know. Be funny about it.

Ever since joining up with No Shame Eugene Theatre, I've wanted to write funny. Everyone else there seemed to have cornered the market on that though. I just wrote about grief. Which isn't very funny.

So, that's why I love reading Mandajuice. Funny and real. Poop in my Hair is also a new funny find.

Do you have favorite blogs you'd like to pass on?
I need funny in my life.
Especially if the blogs write funny about divorces.

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