Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Need a Name For My New Home

I'm so excited about my new house!
Even though I can't move into it for six weeks.
How will I wait for that?!

My friend, Tamara, says, "Whatever. You'll be packing. It's not that long." Call me insane but, I didn't actually think I'd have to pack. It's just a few blocks away. Like fifteen, or something. I thought that I could make a few van trips with some laundry baskets full of clothes and kitchen utensils and it'd be done. Right?

Probably that's not what'll happen.

(insert cheesy smile)

So, I have no photos. I could've taken pictures today, I suppose, while I was taking the tour. But there was someone else living there and then you would've gotten pictures of someone else's shit. *Instead* I will tell you in writerly detail all the cool things about it. When I move in I'll show you the photos.

I want to name the place. I don't want to continue saying "Your dad's house" and "My house." Both of these places are my CHILDREN'S homes. I don't want them to feel homeless, but that they have two homes.

The house is in between my two favorite areas of town, flat ground for biking, and near-ish to the kids' schools. Not as near as they are now, but near-er than my ex's house.

It's got a fenced back yard THAT COMES WITH CHICKENS, a coop, an electric fence around the coop area, a plum tree, raspberry canes, garden area, beautiful bamboo, and a shed. That locks. So no more stolen bikes. My dog (that I haven't lived with for six months) will move back in with me, and I told the kids I'd get them a kitten.

It's a three bedroom, one bathroom. All hardwood woods (swoon) and a large kitchen. And. A wood stove (WITH WOOD). Under a tarp already chopped up. :)

My new landlords are people I already know and admire -- Eugene Waldorf School parents and teachers -- and their daughter is in *my* daughter's class at school.

The cozy cottage is painted all throughout in *different* colors, not just .... Rental Ecru. And it's one that I feel like I can really be alive in. Really be me in. The colors are a "little" off of my personal color wheel, but so close it's ... well ... kind-of weird actually -- like seeing something through warped glass. It's the same 'hue' but a different 'color.' Like the "Merlot" bedroom that'll be mine isn't the jeweled purple I like ... it's more pinkish. And the blue and turquoise bathroom has a "Skype" blue, rather than the royal blue you see on Mexican tiles that I love. And the dusty peach living room walls are more ... Wendy's Special Sauce.

Again, all the same hues I gravitate towards, but .... not quite the right shade.
I don't think I'll be painting over it anytime soon ... it's too freakishly close. And that seems important somehow.

The kids' bedrooms are not assigned yet. When I mentioned the colors of the rooms (one's yellow and the other a reddish 'hue' that would be perfect if it had a little bit more brown in it), they both said, "Not yellow!" Fast. Like saying, "Not it!" So. That one will have to be re-painted I guess. Ironically, it's the only paint that comes the closest to being the color hue and shade I would pick. I love yellow. This is just a little eentsy bit too bright. But it's so cheery and it matches the navy bamboo printed curtains PERFECTLY. Of all the rooms, it's the one I'd least like to paint over. Huh. Funny.

Probably the yellow room will end up being Robert's. I don't know why this is except that when I walked in, I just felt it was his room. When I tried to describe that to him, he got all offended and angry that I would pick his room out without him there. (shakes head) He didn't get it.

The only thing that even remotely slightly mars the perfection of this place (other than the strangely parallel-universed paint jobs) is the back door -- that Humphrey will be coming and going from -- is in my bedroom. And for some reason I wasn't liking the idea of us all trapsing through past my bedroom sanctuary to go to the backyard. I still don't really. But. I have some ideas.

The bedroom is huge. It's a converted single car garage. (BTW, I haven't mentioned yet that the washer and dryer COME WITH THE HOUSE!) So I can have my beautiful pretty serene bedroom and then curtain it off with a screen or other such room divider and have the other half be more office-y, massage table-y.

I wonder where I'll put the dog crate .... In the dining room? My bedroom?


This just means I need to go to IKEA! And watch craigslist, too.

I'll be needing:
~a double-size box spring
~a dresser
~more sheets
~a rug (or two)
~dog bowls
~storage bins (waterproof)
~an ax to chop wood (!!!)
~a new coffee table maybe (total luxury)
~room divider
~table cloth
~maybe new kitchenette set (my mix-matched one might work in the cottage though)(total luxury)

If fact, this whole list is total luxury. All except the double-size box spring.

Ok. I'm stopping here. This blog post is turning into a grocery list.

But I'm still excited.

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