Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I feel in a wretched predicament.

My wonderful beautiful little boy is behaving so terrible that I'm embarrassed and shamed to be him mom today.  And how can a mother -- any mother -- say that?

Today at Tae Kwon Do class I witnessed, within ten minutes, him cutting repeatedly in the running line, everytime he'd get close to another student he'd grab onto their shirt and pull, he'd try and drag them down or butt into them.  Right now he's sitting down on the middle of the floor, not participating in the warm up but did the dodgeball before class and the games after the warm-up.

He's highly competitive but doesn't care about teamwork.  He's untruthful.  he's manipulated his way into going about four times before all the rest of the class took a turn in the game and when the teacher told him no more, Joey picked up a teaching prop an threw it!

What a brat!  He has no social skills.  How do I teach this?  He's totally oppositional and defiant when he doesn't get his way.

I'm at the end of patience.

Though truthfully, I think that precious attribute left me when he was two.

Rio thinks I should have him do the test for yellow belt, that he would develop self control with his self confidence.  I can see that, but when I question Joey, he says he'll take the test but doesn't want to do the class.

I don't understand this and when I question him again, he says things like:  he can't get to know anybody in the class because they are all working.  He says this last word disdainfully and with exasperation.

He also says he wants sparring pads -- but I tell him that if he's not going to stay in the class I won't buy them.  I also tell him I won't pay for the test if he's going to drop the class.

Side note:  Joey didn't get into the private Montessori school because of his behavior skills.  Sigh.  What next?  Leave him in the public school that he dislikes and wait until he gets into the lottery Montessori school?  Or homeschool until his gets in?  Maybe I could be good at it if I know it is only temporary.  

While the children are in Massachusetts with their Vavo, maybe I could get the house ready for some homeschooling and give it a try for a month before September.  If it is a disaster, he can go straight into public school again.

Maybe I should talk to my homeschooling friends.

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