Sunday, September 14, 2008


On September 11th, Joey and I bicycled to "Grassroots Garden" and volunteered some time there.  Grassroots grows most all the produce for "Food for Lane County," an organization that helps hungry people in our community get food.  Joey picked an ear of corn, wheel-barrowed the lot of them to be weighed, and helped shuck them and then dumped the husks in a compost pile. 

He didn't get too involved in the day, however, because he had a dreadful bike accident on the way and scraped up his knee ferociously.  He was also extremely fearful of the 'bees' that were at the garden and piteously asked to go home every ten minutes.  We didn't though, because I wanted him to honor commitments.  Or at least honor mine.  :)  I committed to being there, so I needed him to stay there. The volunteers all stayed for a yummy freshly harvested lunch and then we biked home -- the trooper.

The next day, Joey and I went on a field trip with some other home-schoolers.  The Oregon Gardens in Silverton, Oregon was our second 'garden' adventure that week.  Joey didn't enjoy some of the stations, well, actually he just refused to do many of the stations and just played around in the gardens.  He looked for frogs and put his hands in all the water features despite the posted signs and my grumbling about it. He rested, he played with worms, and ran around a bunch.
Here he is blowing soap bubbles through a piece of wood.

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