Monday, December 1, 2008

I am the winner I always knew I was

I finished the rough draft of my novel yesterday! Whew, what a ride. I have so many things to catch up on that I have neglected during the bout of insanity. Who writes a novel in thirty days? (said with derision) Nano'ers do, that's who.

This blog will be something that I will catch up on, for one thing.

Joey is in the dining room building a castle with legos and is discouraged about the time it is taking. I hear moans and sighs drifting to my office. (which is in huge disarray)

I have Aubrey in a public charter Montessori school now (the one that Robert/Joey is on the waiting list for -- still number 11) and so I thought that since our family has no Montessori experience at all, it would be beneficial (not to mention, kind) to start adopting some of the principles in our day. 

We are starting with a two hour block from 10-12 on Mondays through Thursdays (not Fridays 'cuz swimming cuts into it) of "work time". Joey can put on the daily work list anything he chooses (today it was legos and shredding paper) and I add math and writing, dressing and brushing teeth. I have given up on bathing and brushing hair.

I don't care if it is five minutes each of math and writing; the only reason it is on the list is because Aubrey came home saying that they do that every day.

I have a 2nd grader workbook I picked up at Office Depot that has math worksheets in it and I'll have him write a paragraph (that's a loose title) in a "journal".   That's it.  Montessori Un-Schooling.  ;)

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