Friday, November 14, 2008

A Slow Morning

Our friend is here to hang out with us today. His mama is in the hospital undergoing about 31 hours of labor so far. My poor friend. Last I heard, about two hours ago, she was still only at 6 cms.

The boys are playing card games, board games and now finally video games.

Aubrey is at her last day of Meadowlark Elementary today, on Monday she'll take a tour for our charter Montessori school and quite possibly will start there within the next few days. Sigh. I was really looking forward to her staying home with me for home-schooling.

Despite her need for quiet, alone time every day (which I'm starting to believe is why she has insomnia: that's when she gets her quiet, alone time!), Aubrey is quite the social creature. She does like people and easily makes friends.

While I believe she can get enough socialization with our lifestyle -- SpiralScouts, our local home-schooling social group, our field trip group, just friends we hang out with regularly, open gyms at our favorite gymnastics place, etc -- going to a more traditional school, even though it is alternative, may be more of the interaction she wants and needs. And that I'm all for -- helping her get her needs and wants fulfilled.

I'm concerned about illness. I'm on the mend myself, little to no sore throat though still a tad tired. However, both Robert and Paul woke this morning with a sore throat. Oh no. Joey just got over being sick, not again. :( How unfair for him.

I'd really like to get Aubrey's room started on. It is way dis-organized and messy and needs to be thoroughly cleaned out. I believe she is going to actually de-clutter this time. She's been really into American Girl stuff in the last week or two. She said she'd like to get ride of everything and have only American Girl stuff in her room.

Now, American Girl stuff is really expensive, but maybe Santa Claus will bring her something.

We make our gifts for each other for Solstice. Or handmade gifts that we buy from local artisans. We have a great Holiday Market here in Eugene, Oregon.

And this year we are considering (though funds are too low right now to RESPONSIBLY make this decision) to buy one family present for Christmas instead of gifts for each other. And that one family present everyone wants this year is a hot tub. Ouch. That's a spendy present.

I should be writing my nano words now. I need 1,667 to stay on track today. Or something close to that.

I'M WRITING A NOVEL!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to say that again. :)

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