Monday, November 3, 2008

Joey, sometimes called Robert, is sick today.

I'm not homeschooling today. Joey is sick. Fever, sore throat, headache, and he puked this morning, too. I'm so lucky that my empty popcorn bowl was sitting on the floor by the couch that Joey was laying down on. Whew!

We had swimming and open gym at the gymnastics place planned for the day. Also, picking up Evan and Celeste from school. (I'll still have to do that. I think I'll set my alarm on my cell phone in order to remind me. This is just the sort of day that I'd forget to pick them up.)

I have a presentation I want to go to this evening. EVEN is presenting on alternative meals and recipes for Thanksgiving. The babysitter never returned my call about sitting tonight, so I hope that Paul will be home in time. Also, most babysitters (at least teenagers) wouldn't want to watch ill children that aren't related to them. :) Fair enough. Also, Joey probably wouldn't like it either.

I think I'll take the extra time to write on my manuscript. Well. Not extra time, really. I was planning on writing while Joey was at Bounce. Since he won't be going, I'll have to sneak it in while he's otherwise engaged with cartoons or xbox.

Over and out.

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