Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Global Gathering

Today we gathered for our first Global Gathering. We were focusing on India this month.  My friend had lived in India for two years when her son was an infant (was actually born there) and she brought a lot of cool books, statues, diyas, rituals and food from India.

She actually had the kids do part of the cooking.

Ginger showed us a lighting of a diya.  These would be lit, with prayers being said, on Dawali (pronounced Dah-vah-lee). "The Festival of Lights" is a Hindu holiday.

The kids all brought a piece of Indian trivia (Joey talked about snakes in India -- the most venomous, of course) and we ate Indian food, listened to Indian music and dressed in Indian clothes.

It was fun, educational and interesting.  Now, if only Joey will actually participate more next time.  (We'll be doing Russia next month.)

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