Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whirlwind Days


Joey helped me clean the downstairs bathrooms.

We watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy dvd on Reptiles and an Eye Witness dvd on Volcanos. I read a picture book about a little boy that was a vegetarian.

We were running a bit late to meet up with some other homeschoolers and Joey hurried me up, telling me that we needed to get there on time so we didn't let the other people down. :) My words sink in.

We hiked at Ridgeline Trail with Ginger and Zeal. Afterwards Zeal and Joey sat and looked at Joey's new books: "Venom" and "Mythical Monsters."

Went grocery shopping (and Joey was such a good helper), picked up Evan and Celeste and brought them to our house.

Aubrey had a playdate with Olivia after school and Lisa (Olivia's mom) dropped Aubrey off and then Celeste and Aubrey played upstairs in their clubhouse (closet) while Evan and Joey played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles xbox 360 game.

I wrote an essay for my writer's group and started picking up my office.

Dropped the all the kids at Alyse's (Evan and Celeste's mom) while I went to group, and got the kids in bed by 9:30p.m.


  • Zoned: xbox, reading "Venom" to Joey
  • Bounce Gymnastics with Joey / Aubrey went to Unity School
  • Allergy shot for me
  • picked up Evan and Celeste from school and dropped them home
  • dropped off Joey at Unity School
  • went to my counseling appointment
  • picked up the kiddos
  • Taco Bell for dinner (blech)
  • went to Deanna and Troy's to help them move
  • crashed in bed

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