Wednesday, October 15, 2008



Aubrey's home from school today. We're at Bounce. She had an emotional morning, born also from lack of sleep last night. She stayed up too late.

I want Paul to be a part of this discussion. I'm not sure what to do with Aubrey's school situation. She's particulary upset about not having time with family.

  • stay at MK until end of term and work hard at home to have alone time and one-on-one time with her (really nurturing her)
  • start home-schooling her next week
  • start tomorrow :)

My conundrum is: having her stick to something that she agreed to do (can't just quit when the going gets tough) and meeting her needs. I'm definitely not sold on traditional schooling so I hate the idea of forcing her to 'go to school' -- but, if she gets bored or lonely at home, will she want to ubruptly go back to public school? She's only been doing it for one month.

Missing Paul.

I'd like to pick on of their interests and focus on it for the week. Not exclusively, still following their lead, but to find resources to cater to those interests.

Making potions? Go to chemistry labs, Science Factory.

Snakes? Alvord Farm, Herpetological Society 'tours'.

Filled out Montessori application for Aubrey, she's number two on the waiting list. She can go to school with Celeste.

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