Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Busyz

Ok.  So October is going to have the 'busyz'.  Last Monday we went to Bounce Gymnastics for their home-school open gym. Joey got to ride the harness, swinging like Superman! He didn't want to get on it at first -- (snort) But THEN we couldn't get him out of it.

Tuesday we went to the library and cleaned out their selection of Garfield comic books and several Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD's.  Among other things.

Wednesday was Mad Dash Day to run last minute errands before Paul and Aubrey took off for Las Vegas. And today is Thursday in which I: made a submissions book
and finished up a bunch of long-put-off phone calls and schedule adjustments.  (I still haven't quite finished that task. Sigh.) 

We ran errands after that for about three hours, culminating in me hurriedly dropping off Joey with Steve (my housemate) and running to the Willamette Writers meeting with a bowl of chicken and mug of soup balanced in my van ... for slurping at stop lights, of course.

And now I need to charge my phone (bought new charger today because Paul took mine to Vegas) and read up on how to work my new camera (bought new camera today because Paul took mine to Vegas) so I can use it tomorrow on our field trip to Philip Foster Farm. But more on that later.  Joey has crawled out of bed once again and I need to go put him back.

Coming soon:  field trip entry from Philip Foster Farm, a goat dairy farm planned for Monday, a couple hiking trips, more garden days and gymnastics and swimming days and also our first "Global Gathering" event, featuring India.

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