Friday, February 20, 2009


I've discovered a neat game during my daily blog-surfing-while-not-doing-the-dishes.
It looks neat, pass it on!

It goes like this:

You take your sixth folder of pictures, and you choose the sixth picture in there and then write something about it. Then tag six blogs. (I'm cheating a bit here, as I have not been personally tagged, but it looked fun anyway!)

So this is Banff. Our family took a vacation there right before school one year. Both kids were in public school at the time. We drove a big (borrowed) camper van up with Paul, me, the two kids and Anna (Paul's mom).

This wasn't the most interesting of Banff pictures, so I've broken the rules again to show you more (or maybe I can re-frame that to: I've become inspired to share more of my memories with you!)

This is right at the same location as the first picture. Paul and Aubrey gazing at beauty.

Aubrey, on a hike up Beehive Mountain.

Once again, Aubrey. (Robert wasn't into pictures this year.)

Paul, at the top of Beehive Mountain. We spread the rest of his grandfather's ashes up here. A special place for him.

My turn in front of the camera.

And here is one Robert finally allowed us to take. I'm behind him and Aubrey is half there, too, in the blue coat.

TAGGED ... You're It!


Cathy said...

Cool! Banff looks beautiful, and I'm off to look up Beehive Mountain to see where it is.

What fun pictures. The picture of Aubrey is absolutely gorgeous--I hope you've printed and framed that one. :-)

Valerie Willman said...

I'll post a better picture of Beehive Mtn. so you can see it. Check my next posting.

Lake Louise is where it is at. Right outside of Banff.