Friday, May 22, 2009

Did you know that sheep have rectangle pupils?

Our SpiralScouts hearth went on a field trip to Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary last Saturday. We are working towards our "I Make A Difference" award. After the tour by Wayne Geiger (founder of Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary), we volunteered our time to work on the farm.

Our group: mucked out the pig barn; mowed the lawns; weed-eated the walkway between the chicken runs; and dumped out the geese, duck and chickens' water "bowls" (they were blue kiddie swimming pools), scrubbed them out and re-filled them with fresh clean cold water.

The rectangle sheep pupil. Robert discovered it and insisted I photograph it.

Relaxing by the sheep after a hard days work.

On our tour, Wayne, showed us that horses are tatooed inside the lip to proved ownership.

Another branding.

A pony named, Monster.

Aubrey -- 10 1/2 years old.

On Wayne's farm sanctuary, he has rescued or saved:

A bull,

lots of horses,


three donkeys,




a heritage turkey that was about to be a birthday dinner,

and a ton of chickens.

Also many goats.

Here is Wayne holding their oldest rooster.

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Individual Surrender said...

Seriously, do they all have rectangular pupils? Wierd!