Monday, June 15, 2009

Chicken Playpen

So I went out to change the chicks' water this morning and, well, let me tell you: the smell is getting to me. And everything in the garage is so dusty. And a couple of the chickens are getting restless and fighting with each other. They really need to be in a coop.

I've put in an email to a gentleman that makes chicken coops, but haven't heard back from him. I, myself, am getting antsy. The chicks are 6 and a half and three and a half weeks old. The littler ones could stand to be inside much longer, but the older ones, I think not. I can't separate them so they must all go outside.

So I go out this morning -- to the garage -- and the chicken box is just gross. And I just changed it a couple days ago. Sigh. Well, I asked for this.

And then I just decided I would do it. A couple of chicken owner friends said to me that they really needed to be outside right now during the day; I could put them in the garage at night. So I fish out some chicken wire and wrestle it into a corral of sorts. I duct tape the edges together (so classy) and prop up the sides with blocks of wood.


Aubrey helps me bring the chicks outside. She's real good with the chickens -- any animal actually. Maybe it's the Libra in her. I've heard they are good with animals.

At first they just stood there frozen. "Where am I? This is an alien Mars world." In fact, they wouldn't even jump out of our hands when we lowered them into the pen, like they do when we put them into the box. They kinda clung on with their talons.

I posted Aubrey inside the pen after they started loosening up and pecking around. I want them to get used to human presence. She's just sitting there, reading, and minding her own business.

I hope the chicks find lots of juicy bugs and grubs to eat and enjoy the fresh air. I'll clean out their box and unfortunately, put them back in the safe house while me and the kids go to dodgeball after lunch. But they'll have a couple hours of outdoor time today. And maybe more tomorrow.

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