Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update on the Homestead

Here is my first REAL knitting project. I had started a scarf but it "grew" into something ... weird, so I cast off and left it in the office to inspire me to do something else. In this case, something smaller. A dishcloth.

The chicks are all growing bunches. I think this one is Hazel. Emma and Hazel are almost identical. Hazel's bigger though.

They are getting flighty and scared of us. Mostly because they are in the garage and we aren't. And I don't have to pick them nearly as often as when I was cleaning chicken butts and cleaning out the tote every three days. Now with their refrigerator box, I'm not having to touch them, so when I do they run and flap.

We need to hold them more.

Sometimes I feel like that, too.

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