Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm so torn about what I should be doing during this "vacation". 'Cuz that's what it really is. My kids are gone for three weeks to visit family in Massachusetts. I had great visions of:

reading voraciously
watching movies in the middle of the day
making soap
cleaning all rooms in the house until they shone
and writing every day.

So mostly none of those things have happened and they've been gone a week.
I did do some catch-up work the day after they left and did some extra sleeping here and there. And all weekend I was at a Sustainable Living Festival at Wise Acres farm (which was super cool and wouldn't have been able to do easily if the children were in my care).

Monday I did some errands and Tuesday I did a bunch of baking and made a weeks worth of dog food (and watched a movie in the middle of the day). And designed a chicken coop.

I have done a bit of writing. I hack-edited a chapter in my novel on Monday and yesterday I made a blog entry. So some writing is being done. But not quite like I thought.

Why am I so hard on myself? I seem to have far more expectations on myself than anyone else does. And that's fine, but when I feel bad because I don't reach those expectations ...

Maybe I should focus, as my mother-in-law says to do, on the things I DO accomplish every day. A "Look What I Did!" journal to be written in every night before bed.

I did some weeding in the garden this morning and went to a memorial "Celebration of Life" service for a woman I used to work with. Sad, but lovely.

And now I'm going to hang out with my man. He's got two days off and we've got no kids right now ... ;)

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Amy Martin said...

Take your man to Breitenbush Hot Springs and soak naked for a day or two in nature's pure beauty, eat vegetarian, be rejuvenated. And I'll just live vicariously from 3000 miles away, dreaming of my favorite place.

Seriously, no "shoulds". I'm taking intrinsic coaching right now and would gladly accept you as a coachee. It only takes a few minutes a week.