Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Posting

Posting on my blog during the summer is ethereal. Just when I remember to blog something, the whim passes. Or I remember I need to do something else and veer away to perform this sudden task -- forgetting the blog post in the interim. Or I'm breaking up the enumerable fights the children seem to be having these days. Or I'm working on my book. Or I'm picking fruit, or looking for u-pick farms or dreaming about canning and wishing I hadn't missed the strawberry season because Paul's favorite jam is strawberry. Or -- Ug -- recovering from a car accident.

So, those are my paltry reasons for not posting.

I am going to be doing the NaBloPoMo for August. So I will become a larger presence on this blog. Meet me here to see how my August is shaping up. I'll be going to the Willamette Writers Conference to pitch my book to three different agents, I'm taking the kids to a Faerieworlds Festival, we have our annual Spiralscouts camping trip, and there's a trip to the coast planned, too. Not to mention I want to pick and can and freeze peaches and goddess knows what else.

Our chickens will move to a permanent home, too. Maybe even before August. Their place is temporary right now.

Our housemate built this the day after the neighborhood cat got into the yard and the chicken's playpen and we lost a chick for a night.

I think I'll go play with the chickies now. They are still afraid of me after three months. Hmm. I think I'll let them out to free roam and capture one and sit among them and just hold it on my lap. I'll bring some kale to feed them. Maybe I can lure them to me. (Yeah right.)

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