Monday, August 17, 2009

Chicken Coops and Clotheslines

I can't recall if I've shown you the new coop. The 2x4 is bracing the door because the door latch is too small and doesn't hold it closed. And it still needs a roof, obviously. Oregon rain comes a plenty in the nearby month(s) and we want to be ready for it.

The chickies still don't like using the ladder. We think maybe the slats are too far apart and if we nail on some more, they'd be more apt to use it. The rooster refuses to use it at all. I've been opening the door for him so he can flutter out. And I have to put him in at night.

Here are the dolls in their coop.

And this, FINALLY, is the clothesline we put up in the yard. I think the next step to our suburban homesteading will be rain barrels.


Sarah Grossberg said...

This is so great, Val. Can I ask where you got your clothesline? I've thinking of doing this all summer.

Valerie Willman said...

Paul actually picked this one up. I don't remember where. But I do know that "The Green Store" has one or two different models.

"The Green Store" is next to Allan Bros and Paul's Bicycle Way of Life (and across the way from Down to Earth) on 5th Street.