Thursday, August 6, 2009

Off to the Conference!

I'm packing up for the conference. Paul is at the pool with the kids and I just need to gather my paperwork, checkbook, laptop, etc for the drive up there. The clothes and stuff are already packed.

The kids slept over at a friend's house last night so that Paul and I could go out on a date before I left town. We saw Funny People and got home after 1a.m. It was a great movie. I'd really like to watch it again.

I'm trying to maintain my cool for the whole pitching my book at the conference thing. Part of me (ok most) feels totally unprepared for this. Paul has wisely framed it like this: I'm just going to the conference to learn how to pitch. That's it. I'm not pitching my book to an agent in hopes of selling it; I'm learning how to pitch to agents. These will all be practice runs.

But I can hope, right?

The deal is, it's just not really completed. I still need to add another hundred pages to make it a standard book length, and I'm still reorganizing the essays -- moving them from chronological to thematic format.

But enough of that, I'm going to have fun at this conference! I love conferences.

Now, let me go pack already! ;)

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