Monday, October 19, 2009

Inner Work

So I was catching up on my blog reading and stumbled across this. So, taking the challenge I did a short stint of inner work and answered some of her questions.

Here are the results:

I feel called to be a writer and an awesome, fun, and nurturing mama.

I am passionate about children having respect and more decision-making/creative-thinking opportunities.

Before I had kids, I was passionate about having children and connecting to my husband and writing and inner-work.

Two strengths I have are inner-drive and calmness in crisis (I think.)

I could use those strengths to take risks in my creative life and to slough off the rejections with calmness.

Teaching my family the beauty of homemaking and homesteading and the values I hold dear will increase the chance that they will take these values (some of them anyway) and hold them as their own -- and maybe the world will become a more tolerant place with love and acceptance in the forefront as a result. Also to become stewards of the Mother Earth.

I model to my children: love of reading, ability to take time for them and myself, my own brand of spirituality, that caring for and honoring nature is important to me.

Values that are important to me:

exploration (trying new things)

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