Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here I Go Again ... (It's not just a Whitesnake song)

It's November 1st. Nanowrimo has begun. I stayed up until midnight watching old Firefly episodes with my husband and girlfriend so that I could stay awake to start writing as soon as I could on my nano book.

It's funny, I don't even have names for my characters yet. And, truth be told, I only wrote about four paragraphs before succumbing to sleep. But I started! That was the important part.

I've been staying up really late (much later than my body likes) for the last couple of weeks; I've been socializing more and more with my theatre group. It's a lot of fun but maybe a little out of balance. I'm taking herbs and vitamin c to bring myself into balance, so I don't get sick. I had a sore throat last night (gone now thanks to my naturopath's herbal tincture!) but a slight headache this morning. I'm working on another 2000 mg of vit c and more tincture right now.

Paul's left for work and the roomie's leaving with his daughter for church. My girlfriend and her sons stayed the night last night and the kids are all playing games, listening to music. Her husband made a surprise visit this morning after his cab driving shift and has been sleeping on the couch. And after the coffee is done brewing, we adults will sequester ourselves in the bedroom and watch Michael Moore's Sicko.

More writing to come later this afternoon and then a house meeting tonight at 6:30.
November is starting with a bang! Aubrey's ballet rehearsals and class, A's gymnastics class, Robert's swimming lessons, the kids' water safety class and chess class -- and now Aubrey has started a Manga club at our house, too. On top of that is my writing critique group, No Shame workshops and a performance, and puppy obedience classes. Thank Goddess date nights are squished in there somewhere!

So, November and Nanowrimo, here I go again.


Tamara Meske said...

Woot! for NaNoWriMo!!!

Wendy Hawksley said...

You can do it! I started as well and am ready to tackle an entire month of writing.