Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Mon Seul Desir -- A Somewhat Embarrassing Attempt at Poetry

(A painting from the MET in New York City.)

A Mon Seul Desir

A day of shadows.
Of softly moving waves of
Ethereal sadness mixed with
Curious bursts of love and glee
For my children.

Fatigue. Moving lethargy.
Loving thoughts for my children.
And from them to me.

Art. Magic whispers of the soul,
Reaching, teasing, taunting,
Only there in flashes representing
Could be
If only I release and step into the void,
The wonderful, magnificent, exciting
Unknown. Passion through Art,
A touching of myself, A promise.
A secret. Come closer to hear. Swallow.

Dipping pen to ink,
Methodical, hypnotical.
The pen flows with ideas on artistic wings.

Let us dance.
Just close your eyes.

A beautiful smile and a hug,
Filled with love, compassion
And childish innocence and awe.

Look what I can do!

The mysteries,
The curiosities,
The wonderment.


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