Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Call of the Donut

Ok. My cleanse is over. I capped it off early with a baked potato and grilled chicken, the holiest of holy donut and Bijou organic popcorn with nutritional yeast. It was heavenly. And I did it all with my honey. He's such a lovely man. You rock, Paul! <3

This morning Tamara and I drove to Holy Donuts and picked up donuts and coffee for everyone. I had light sugar in my coffee and one donut and started feeling over sugared. I figured I didn't feel over sugared last night because my donut was dessert after the chicken, so I fried myself an egg from one of our beautiful ladies.

I feel better. And today I'm still going to drink two quarts/liters of water today and only fruit for any sweet tooth I may still have. I'd like to keep it like that for the rest of the week actually. Let's see if I can do it! :)

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