Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I don't know the title or the author ... Damn!

Things I remember about the book:

*kind-of a gothic, Jane Austen type
*main character was a young widow who didn't know her husband (he'd died shortly after marrying her and it wasn't a marriage of love on her part)
*she found his journals and fell in love with him post-humonously after reading through them
*her late husband was interested in Greek antiquities and collected them
*she discovered a great cover-up of original pieces being sold and copies of them being secretly exchanged and displayed in a famous British museum.
*she and the best friend of her late husband fall in love at the end of the book.
*"On" is the first word of the title. Probably. And I thought "desire" was in there somewhere, too. But maybe not. And I've googled "On Wings of Desire" and that's not it. (Thank God.)

Ok, so don't judge me because I really liked this book. But I'm dying to find this again. I borrowed the book from my mother-in-law on our cruise this past April. I read it on the boat, gave it back to her, I went home, she stayed in Europe. She read the book, didn't like it and LEFT IT IN EUROPE ON PURPOSE! (Sigh.)

So neither of us remember the title or the author. :(

Anybody happen to know what book this is?

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