Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beans and Business

I was emailing a friend of mine today and filling him in on our latest .... and it occurred to me that I could TOTALLY cut and paste. No Shame.

Here's what's going on:

Regarding Paul. He just told me yesterday that he wanted to spend the next year really working on his health: exercise, eating healthier, and losing weight. He wanted to see if that would alleviate his symptoms. The surgeon said that his AVM shouldn't be causing his symptoms and the radiologist said, "Well, yeah! It would." So. Since he got conflicting info, he thought he'd try this and avoid surgery altogether.

But TODAY, the radiologist's asst. called him and said, "Ok. We're all ready for you. We have all the glue we need and we've been trained how to use it. We've heard back from the specialist. You'll need 3-5 surgeries this year."


He's not a happy camper.

It is now my job to call the doc, get all the info he was given but didn't write down. Get the name of the other doc he recommended for a second opinion. Research the glue they want to use. Make an appointment to see the second opinion doctor (in Portland), and make appointments with the three other alternative medical "doctors" that have offered to work on him to avoid the surgeries.

Basically, he's too stressed to deal with it. :(
He wants to just do it and get it over with, but he doesn't want glue pumped in his veins.


We're about ready to close on the Costa Rica property. And
we're researching business ideas. For instance, should we import an already manufactured ice cream to sell in a scoop shop over there, or buy the equipment and make our own from local ingredients? If we rent out DVDs, will we buy Costa Rican dvd players and movies, or will we import American ones to rent and then have to rent out the players too? 'Cuz the two don't cross over. (Damn!) Should I bother trying to perfect a gluten-free flour mixture/recipes, if it will turn out to be too expensive to import the special flours? Probably Uvita doesn't sell sorgum, teff, rice, coconut and potato flours. ;) Or xantham gum.

Plus, I'm trying to fix a mysterious garbanzo bean scent coming from the hot tub water. And we're hosting a Chinese exchange student for two weeks next month.

Lots on my plate. LOL

Love and Kisses to you,

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