Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreamy House Plans

 So. For a few days now, Paul and I have been working on the house plans. The latest ones were emailed to us and we printed them off, made some adjustments, scanned it, and emailed them back (with notes).

I tried inserted the copy onto this blog but it appears that since it is in pdf format, my blog server doesn't want to upload it. So you will have to content yourself with knowing that it is
in the hacienda Spanish Colonial style. We'll have a spanish-tile-looking roof, only it will be made out of metal so that solar panels can be affixed to it. Smooth stucco. And a courtyard in the back. The house will horse shoe around the courtyard.

The builder's assistant had us fill out an exhaustive amenities worksheet for the house and we checked off all the top-of-the-line-dream-house stuff. After he tells us what it'll run us, we'll start deleting things until we're in on our budget. It sure is fun dreaming though!


This whole thing is the stuff dreams are made of. Whether we have granite countertops in the kitchen, or Formica -- we'll still be livin' the dream.

The building permits will be in this month and they can start breaking ground on our lot!!!! Woo-Hoo!

Speaking of good news ... construction is going gang-busters for the Village. There has been so many villa and homesite sales that the cash flow coming in has allowed them to be ahead of schedule in the construction.

(This is the swimming pool.)

Ain't life grand?

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