Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Addictions Are Running Amok

The only reason I’m not completely horrified by my wicked dietary and personal habits during the winter is because it is winter. And this sort of behavior only happens in winter.
I don’t use ‘it being winter’ as an excuse for unhealthy behavior, but rather anunderstanding of how completely off track I can become. I seem to lose the ability to take care of myself properly in the winter time. I forget to take my supplements, I bitch about every yoga class on my schedule–and barely make it to one a week, sometimes none–and I eat sugar like it is the last edible thing on the planet.
I also Netflix.
Yes. I used Netflix as a verb.
It has become almost as addictive as sugar for me. I sneak in episodes of The Paradise, Ms Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and Boardwalk Express during the day, and watch movies at night with my partner. And on sick days, I watch entire seasons of Downton Abbey. (But that’s hardly wrong; fevers must give us an excuse to be a little naughty.)
AND, addictions to Netflix and sugar–while they can strike at any time–do seem to flair up when my defenses are down.
For instance, if I am tired and overweight because I’m eating a bunch of sugar and carbs (because its winter), causing my thyroid disease to spike my hormones to frightening levels, causing me to become more tired, so I eat more sugar to get more energy, which causes me to crash, which causes more fatigue, and then finally causes depression, I run straight to Netflix, chocolate chewies cookies from Market of Choice’s bakery, and the four or five glasses of wine or cider a week.
In my depressive, addictive, “poor me” induced haze, I forget to take my vitamin D and iron supplements that I really really need to function.
It’s all an annoying, boring, and exhausting cycle.
Each spring it seems to dissipate though.
Thank God.
Chronically, February is the worst month for me. But I’m happy to say that this month, despite its only being the 3rd day, isn’t so bad. I’m quite inspired really.
Inspired to cleanse. 
See, I went to the doctor’s today to discuss my terrible thyroid panel labs, and the subsequent increase in my medication dose. My TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is so so high this time. An increase of almost six uIU/ml in two months. Which is outrageous–in case you’re not up on the latest Hashimoto’s Disease info.
Diet and nutrition seem to play a large part in keeping control of my disease. Even medication doesn’t work all the time, as evidenced by my latest lab reports. And my weight has gotten a wee bit out of hand–I’ve gained twenty pounds in two and a half years. It’s paramount that I do something about this. Now.
And so, I’m proud to say that I’m about to embark on a cleanse under the care of my naturopathic doctor friend. The MediClear Plus cleanse by Thorne Research. (And thanks to my friend Cammie who gave me the idea.)
I’ve only tried the MediClear cleanse once before, and while it wasn’t my cup of tea last time, I’m certain it’ll be a success this time around. They have a new formulaand I’ve taste-tested the powder and it wasn’t vomitus–which, you know, is a plus.
Here’s how it works: 
The first three days (1-3) I drink a shake for breakfast and lunch, and then eat vegetables for dinner. One fruit snack is permitted.
The next three days (4-6) I drink a shake for breakfast, and then eat vegetables for lunch and dinner. One fruit snack is permitted.
Day 7 has me eating all veggies all day.
Day 8 gives me a shake for breakfast, and then veggies for lunch and dinner. One fruit snack is permitted.
Day 9 is back up to a shake for breakfast and for lunch, and then veggies for dinner. One fruit snack is permitted.
On the last day (10), I can eat a closer-to-normal diet but low on foods that become acidic in our bodies, (no potatoes, corn, green peas, tomatoes, oranges, or pineapple) and easy on the meat protein.
And then here’s the kicker:
No sugar or alcohol for at least a week or longer, after cleanse is over. So that’s really a total of 17+ days with no sugar. I think my head might blow up.
Good thing I finished off the Pad Kee Mao leftovers from last night, and most of the chocolate cookies. That way I can start fresh tomorrow!
Very good plan.
Who’s with me?!
We’ll do it together.
MediClear cleanse buddies unite!

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