Saturday, February 27, 2010

space between the walls


i'm sick of this.

how does it come to this?

...just junk outside the house. the front yard for all to see.

...i don't even know what these are for.
...they aren't mine.
...roommate brought them home for something.
...and never used them.

...a collection of stuff on my front porch to be taken to Goodwill.
...from the last time i de-cluttered my house.

...raw milk from a wonderful farm
...that started separating before we could finish it
...and i set outside to take out to the chickens
...and forgot all about it.
...and now i cringe everytime i see it.'s been there since november, i think.

...found randomly on the floor.

...recycling and potatoes.

...a box of bathtub toys and a peek into my closet. bathroom. bedroom.

...supplements that i often forget to take
...despite them being on the counter for me to see.

...a polymer experiment gone wrong.
...paul reminded us that when we throw this away (because it can't go down the drain -- and don't ask me how i know this) it will stay in the landfill for nine million years.
...perhaps this is why it hasn't been thrown away yet. sewing/craft area.

...this is my altar for fuck's sake! office.


HappyOrganist said...

maybe it's b/c I have kids, but that's all rather beautiful to me!
(and maybe i'm just glad to see someone's house in the same state as mine.. ) Actually we're currently doing better. but still.
It is kind of beautiful, though.

Just toss it out!
Load it up, take it to goodwill. Guess you just have to do it (and it does take energy. don't I know). But it's so cool once you get rid of it all. I'm still working on my garage. In fact (if I can muster up the energy) I would love to go through kids' toys today. Oh that would be fun. But also a chore. And then there are a couple other piles in the garage that need reducing.

You know what our neighborhood does a good job of? getting those dumpsters (neighborhood cleanup) dumpsters around twice a year, I believe. That's so nice. Then you don't have to drive to the dump (if you have extra big stuff, you know). Oh it's nice.

Mandy said...

Love your blog! Your house looks a lot like mine does. Haha. It probably got that way because you are living your life and spending quality time with your children. My mother did nothing but clean when I was a child, so my house looked like a hospital. I would have much, much rather she had read me stories and played games with me. :)