Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh Yeah! NaBloPoMo.


i forgot again.


it's the 2nd of march already and i didn't post anything yesterday.

i'm deciding this isn't an omen or a portent of doom. i have not already failed at National Blog Posting Month.

i injured my neck on friday. i stretched in bed and it cracked. (*shudder*) yeah. i laid there for awhile not moving. i hobbled out of bed to call my chiropractor and he couldn't fit me in for 2 1/2 hours!

i was adjusted two different times that day, iced it and biofreezed it. i totally laid low for the weekend and it managed to stop spasming by the end of sunday.

monday was ok, just stiff and sore. but it felt good enough that i could maybe consider having someone massage it ... later.

i went to yoga this morning (bikram yoga rocks) and just laid in the heat and did a few poses and didn't do a whole lot more. i modified a chunk of them and by the end, i felt a little less stiff and like there was a whole lot more oxygenated blood pushing through there. (*relief*)

a couple more days of modified hot yoga and another chiro appointment tomorrow and a light massage on thursday, and maybe i'll be ok.

friday i help dig a trench, use a post-holer, and staple chicken wire. also screw hinges and latches.

but maybe i'll just let my friend do all the work and buy him beer and pizza instead of risking it.

yeah. that'd be good.

i could shake pom-poms, too.

or maybe it'll rain on friday, and we (read: he) won't do it at all.
or maybe he'll get the job in CA and move and i'll never see him again.

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