Thursday, March 4, 2010

"There's a Purple Door on my Street"

lacy evergreens, squishy mud, cerulean blue ceiling and almost-gray clouds;
yet the sun warms my right ear.

purple and yellow newness share their joy with a springish day and
gravel squeaks under my feet.

ripples in rain puddles and swirls of silt billow to the surface.

dogs bark
four cars drive by
a smoker coughs.

spring is purple
and scented of mystery.

a neighbor with a mustard yellow shirt speaks
and baby trees stand tall with green stakes and canvas strips.

No Parking At Any Time.

the different heights of arborvitae remind me of notes on a musical scale
and i love to see trees reflected in puddles,
upside down.

one lone dandelion bloom
peeks from a sea of unmowed green.

a walker with a curious gait pumps his arms out of sync with his legs.

pink blooms float and crows call.

garden beds wait for growth,
a smattering of miniature daisies strew thru grass
and chain link fences at the base of tennis courts bulge out from voracious serves and slamming bodies trying to get behind a play.

a birdhouse
a rusty basketball hoop
and telephone poles with numbers -- like names -- 2188
stand in aloofish sentry.

even the doors are purple on my street.


HappyOrganist said...

oh that's beautiful. And I don't like poetry lately so that's saying a lot.

thanks for sharing =)

Valerie Willman said...

I decided it's not a poem ... instead a study in awareness.


Anonymous said...

Lovely :)