Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Know We Say This Every Year ...

... but I think Spring has come early this year!

My Comice Pear tree sprouting a top-knot of a bud!

Our lapins cherry tree.

New growth on the blueberries! Maybe I'll get to eat them this year!
(the chickens snarfed them before I could get to them last year..)



... and loads more potential for the coming months!

In addition to the new trees I planted, I added some rosebushes to the front garden along the street. A peace offering for the neighbors that don't like our front yard garden.

Here's a wee apple tree I planted this year to match the other columnar apple in the front. Maybe we'll get apples off the bigger one this year?

I laid some straw in the chicken run to cut down on Spring's mud.

Now I just need to get to the weeding.

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HappyOrganist said...

It is early this year! We received very little snow this year - and it's looked like spring for a month now.
Have fun with your gardening. We're going to try a vegetable garden again this year (last time we tried I planted too early b/c I know nothing about gardening. So it all died, of course).
So we'll wait 'till May. But holy cow - it definitely looks like Spring already. =)
oh - I'd do your weeding for you. I love pulling weeds.