Saturday, March 6, 2010

A New Chicken Fence

It took me awhile to remember to pull out the camera. As you can see, my friend Jesse and I were already on to the concrete by the time I whipped it out.

But FIRST ....

1) we removed the old standing- though-rotting-but-still-had character fence and any garbage in the area and dug our little trench.
2) we used a post-holer (which proved not so necessary) in the areas we wanted a metal t-bar post.

3) my roommate, Steve, ran to a non-profit garden down the street to borrow their "donk" to pound the t-bars in.
4) we pounded the t-bars in without a tape measure to determine the exact locations for the posts (this is important later.)
5) we attached chicken wire to the t-bar with baling wire.

6) we realized that we couldn't attach the screen door for the run to the metal t-bars. uhhhh. so we improvised by attaching 2x4's to the metal t-bars with .... more baling wire!

7) we mixed up concrete and gravel and added it around the metal posts and along the trench, burying the chicken wire so nothing (especially my adventurous and annoying puppy) could dig under the fence.

8) and then we tried to screw the door to the wooden boards ...


9) so my roommate Steve came out and the men put their heads together (snort) and came up with a plan. A very successful one, I might add.

(my son got in the way of the finished shot ... but you can see the end result of Steve and Jesse's tinkering. Mighty fine.)

Aubrey, Steve, Robert and Jesse standing proud.
And Emma and Hazel are in the back scratching at a new area. We expanded the length of the chicken run, so this was new ground to cover!

Me and the kids posing with Jesse.


Mandy said...

Very cool!

I always thought it would be kinda neat to own chickens!

Jake Vortex said...

Thanks for posting this. We need to put up a temporary run and this gave us some ideas for dealing with the door.

Valerie Willman said...

You are most welcome!!!