Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free Healthy Food!

Paul and I have a new food budget. 

We have four people in our family, but we often feed our friends or our children's friends when they come to visit. And our house is often full.

Nevertheless, we are trying to stick to $600/month.

My mother-in-law, perhaps rightly, scoffs at trying to do this during the holidays.

"People always buy more food in November and December," she says.

Well. I'm still trying. And, for the record, when we do inevitably (because we've only recently started this new food budget) go over, I know it immediately. I agonize over it. I'm looking for different places to shop; I talk myself out of buying organic produce this one time. 

I give myself huge kudos for this because BEFORE, we didn't have a budget. I didn't know when I'd spent too much ... it would take months (or longer) to realize that I was spending enormous amounts of money for food. (One month I recorded it at $1200.) So, I'm glad of where I've gotten to so far.

But I certainly want to keep improving. 
I know we can stick to our food budget. 
And the sooner I can make that a reality ('cuz I do the majority of the grocery shopping), the more comfortable our wait for our Costa Rican dream will be.

I was aching for the peace and warmth of Osa Mountain Village this morning.
I didn't get enough sleep last night.
Yesterday was an emotional day for me. I'm feeling stressed and restless and out of sorts.
The holidays are coming up and I'm only partly prepared. (I need to make some more lists! Then I'll feel better. Why didn't I think of this before?)
Paul's surgery is coming up.
And this morning? I just wanted to be on Osa Mountain in a little casita rental, watching my house being built.

I thought about emailing Jim, the land owner over there, and just saying 'hi' and that I was missing Costa Rica. But then I worried that my contacting him would remind him that he's still waiting for his money for the land. So I didn't do it.

Instead I looked over a current newsletter. And funny enough, it was talking about food.
Free food. 
Wouldn't that be nice right now? ;)

(This is a Starfruit tree.)
Here's an excerpt from the newsletter:

           90% of food cost is in packaging and transport. So true!

          Our goal is to create 100% "Food Security" using our 750+ acres and by trading 
          with local farmers. So easy to be a 'locavore' here!

          We've already planted over 2,300 fruit trees.  Close to 40 varieties!  
          Guava, Mango, Mamone, 5 types of oranges, many other kinds of citrus, 4 types of 
          avocado, bananas and plantains ... [etc.] 

          [And] we are using a vertical system for growing 38 varieties of veggies, herbs and
          spices. The system allows us to grow vast quantities of veggies organically in a small
         The first two greenhouses are already built...     I so can't wait to get going on this.

Oh yeah.
One more thing to worry about.
We still haven't heard about the financing.
The lender says it "looks good" but we still haven't gotten the call from the title company to come in and close. 

Cross your fingers, Everybody!

And here's to hoping you have a wonderful holiday season and that you have plenty of food to eat wherever you are.

Blessings and Namaste.


HappyOrganist said...

So are you all doing surgery today? (thursday)
How is that going? That sounds very intense; I hope it goes well.
The 'easy to be a locavore' thing sounds good, too. Good work on your budget (I'm too scared to look at mine right now ;/ )

Valerie Willman said...

Only Paul does surgery, and it's scheduled for next Thursday, the 23rd.

Thanks for your well-wishes. It's a bit stressful around here. :) (Still trying to keep some humor.)

HappyOrganist said...

Humor helps ^^