Monday, September 19, 2011

So I'm driving a Prius these days.
And by "these days" I mean for-the-next-three.

My daughter's class is going on a camping trip and one of the dads sent out a frantic email yesterday saying, Our van broke down and I was carrying all the gear and THE WATER for all the campers for three days. I could take our Prius, but .... THE WATER!

So I magnanimously offered him my eleven-year-old-falling-apart-van, in exchange for his Prius.
Everyone's happy.

I dropped off a last minute sleeping bag at the school this morning and the class teacher said, Thanks so much for the van! and I tried not to laugh. I think I played it off fairly suave. "Hey, I get to drive a Prius for three days -- chuckle, chuckle."

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