Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to Home School Week

This week sucked a little bit.  Getting the kids back to school after the holidays is somewhat of a reversal of action, deed and thought.  

Case in point:  re-establishing bed times so that your child can get up in time for school the next day; getting up in time to get the kids up in time -- I worried so much two days before school started that I had dreams about forgetting to drive the carpool to school the first day back!; and bringing back lunch brain. ("What can I make for her lunch?" at 7 a.m. when you've finally been able to sleep in to 8:30 a.m. for the last two weeks -- for the first time in eleven years -- is a surprisingly difficult task. I kid you not.)

But getting your home-schooled kid back into school mode after two weeks bites.

Here was our week:

Monday -- (which was actually a no school day and therefore maybe shouldn't be on our list)

*folded two or three more loads of laundry
*talked to Robert about HomeSource
*settled on 1st and 2nd and 3rd choices for classes
*snuggled in bed with Robert
*helped Aubrey and Rober put away their laundry
*put away the socks and towels and linens
(this was after I put away everything but MY clothes!)

*went to the post office to mail a package
*grocery shopping
*looked for registration ticket for HomeSource registration night
*called HomeSource with questions
*edited some manuscript
*went to writer's critique group
*vacuumed and dusted my office
*returned Blockbuster stuff

Tuesday -- (first day back to school, and 'no', I didn't forget the carpool.)

*Spanish (Robert's first session on Rosetta Stone)
*Watched an EyeWitness Science video
*Labeled Robert's dresser drawers with a labeler (Robert's idea and he put the stickers on)
*played board games:  WildCraft and Sorry!

Wednesday -- 

*played Monopoly and Phase 10 with Dad
*went to Bounce Gymnastics for open gym with other homeschoolers
*played W.o.W. (online computer game)

Thursday --

*watched a Science video
*watched a PBS "WordWorld" cartoon
*I read "Mythical Monsters" (1/2 the book) to Robert
*we talked about imagination, he gurgled milk and ate lunch together.
*we both went through our books and separated out a box full to give away to "Books for Kids", a local group that collects books for the non-profits around town.
(then I went to Willamette Writers monthly meeting.)

Friday --

*Robert did this really neat sorting activity he did all by himself, though sometimes he'd enlist my aid. "Where do you think Harmony should go?"

He was taking "angel" cards and putting all the words in categories that were similar.  For instance: joy, spontaneous, and play were all in the same column. 

*Home School Swim at Sheldon Pool.
*Went to the library.

Saturday --

*cleaned bedrooms (not mine though ... sigh)
*took down the Christmas ornaments and the tree
*vacuumed again and moved furniture back to where it was pre-tree
*changed the altar from Solstice-y to Imbolc/Valentine's Day-y

*had friends over to watch a movie

And today I'm blahing. :)
I chatted with my sister online, I'm blogging, I read the newspaper, I read to the kids for a bit during our lunch together.
Mostly I'm tired.

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