Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some Christmas Love

This year we all tried hand making our gifts to each other. We didn't quite make it, though our stipulation is that if WE didn't handmake it, then we can purchase a handmade thing. 

So here I am sporting a poncho from Paul that he picked up for me on his recent trip to Peru with his daughter, Aniela.  And the beautiful flower clip was made by Aniela for me. She sells them to the public, too.  Awesome! (Someday I will have the gumption to do this, too -- sell my art.)

Aubrey made this pillow for Robert. He loves its soft fuzziness.

Aubrey wrote a Christmas poem for Paul.
And I made this apron for Aubrey.

There were other things not pictured:  like, I made a tabletop zen garden for Robert. Robert painted a ceramic castle for Aubrey and I didn't make a robe for Paul.  (I have all the pieces cut out though.)

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