Friday, January 2, 2009

Vacation Schedule

I've been feeling out of sorts a bit with our vacation schedule.  I feel like I am getting nothing accomplished.  This is not true, of course, as evidenced by my clean kitchen, tidyed living room and vacuumed floor.  Also my kids have been fed and I showered ... WOOHOO!

But I'm talking mostly of writing and homeschooling.  None of which I have done, save a minute amount of editing to my novel's manuscript before a critique group I went to Tuesday night.

And I'm sick of it.  I am telling myself to be compassionate to myself. (Too many myselfs in that sentence.) It is winter vacation, my kids have been sick with influenza, I had a houseguest for a week and I'm reveling in sleeping in late in the mornings.  I won't be able to do this come January 6th.  That's when Aubrey goes back to school, and hopefully I will be back in the swing of things and Robert will be into talking school as well.

I am awaiting the user name and password to get him started in Spanish on Rosetta Stone, and he occasionally appreciates a worksheet or two (oddly enough in math), so I'm getting some paper curriculum for him.  And then there is the HomeSource classes.

I was hoping to get him in swimming and karate. But I think he will be content if he can get into swimming and chess in.  He also mentioned, at one time, interest in a computer class.  We'll see if that strikes his fancy.

The challenge comes in 1st choice and 2nd choice (or goddess forbid, 3rd choices) for each class. And then the schedules don't add up.  If Robert wants Computers, Chess and Swimming, great. But what if Chess is full and his 2nd choice is Karate, and then the Karate class conflicts with the Computers class?  Arg. 

But, no time to stress about it now, I must off and clean my office. 

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