Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Day

A sculpture of morning vitamins: by Joey.

It started off as most Saturday's do. In my bed with cartoons on, or just jammies and the computer.

Still, I had other plans for the day that involved cleaning bedrooms (all but mine, I'm afraid) and (the unplanned) hamster adventures and finally off to the Science Factory to play with reptiles!

And other cool stuff.

Robert/Joey is helping to build a dam for the water in this exhibit. What a little engineer! (not that I'm putting a label on him! Sheesh. How can a mom encourage and be proud of their child without putting expectations on them that they secretly (or not secretly) feel they need to fulfill?)

And then home with Taco Bell (shh. don't tell.) and a family viewing (though I sneaked away at the end to write this) of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ... while eating popsicles.

And now for bed and a book.


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