Monday, October 3, 2011

Bikram Boot Camp?

I'm embarking on another round of Let's See How Long it Takes to Pass Out From Doing Exercise.

I've started a beginning boot camp class. Again. I'm still a beginner because the last time I started, I technically wasn't IN the beginner's class. I was just tagging along. I wasn't on the google boards, I didn't have a manual, I wasn't getting the mentoring. I was just ... you know... getting my ass kicked from bear crawls. (I hate bear crawls.)

So today was Week One Day One and by the time I left I felt nauseous and dizzy. Hmm. Not the way I want to start out my day. My arms are so fatigued that they feel twenty pounds heavier than they are supposed to, and my hands are still shaking ... an hour after class ended.

Hard stuff.

More hard stuff I'm going to be subjecting myself to .... but actually LIKING it ... is Bikram Yoga. I love hot yoga. And on days like this morning (where I worked out in the rain), I especially love the 105 degree yoga studio. Mmmm. Bikram Yoga is also a workout likely to leave me nauseous and dizzy, but somehow I keep going back for more. I really love the way I feel after yoga. I stand taller, I'm more flexible, I breathe deeper, I recover from exercise faster, I'm more relaxed, I feel more confident, I feel sexier, I have better posture. I just really like it.

I had run out of my yoga pass in the Spring and have been yogaless since. Also sedentary. Well. As sedentary as a part-time waitress/mom can be. There was a Bikram Yoga Living Social deal that passed through my email inbox that I couldn't pass up. So I'm going to be starting that up, too. Maybe even as early as tomorrow.

See ...

I thought about waiting until my boot camp session was over before starting yoga again, but I'm needing the balance of the yoga stretching and breathing and ... well, just LIFE balance that yoga brings to me, while I'm going through this intense boot camp that I'm really despising at the moment. I think the yoga will keep me sane while I boot camp it. ALSO, the number one reason to do the yoga now (despite the only con: having to miss the last week of my thirty day pass due to travel) is because I'm going on vacation to visit N. And I want to be in great shape when I see him. And flexible. (grins) I want to be flexible when I see him.

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