Monday, March 9, 2009

Craziness. Ain't it cool?

(I'm embarrassed to say that while editing some photos of my family and myself, I forgot to "duplicate" before cropping. Whups. Now, I'm horrified that a large quantity of our family photos are only of me.) 8( [For instance, the one above is of me, Aniela and Paul in New York on the subway!)

This day is getting away from me. It's 3:45pm and I've been taking pictures as a sort of photo essay to use tomorrow on a day of life of us un-schooling.

I just picked up my daughter and her friends (The Carpool) from the public charter Montessori school they go to. It took about a half an hour to do (at the school and then driving time added onto that) because the school was doing a Parent Directed Response Pick-Up Drill. We had to park our vehicles, stand in line, show ID and sign out our kids who were then brought to us down the hall.

Then I took our little friends to their Tae Kwon Do class (which they both didn't want to do but Mom had said 'yes') before coming home. The boy practically looked in tears, he was so tired from his day. I felt so thankful for the opportunity to be flexible in my kids' schedules. And disappointed that not everyone can.

I'm trying to coordinate a knitting group/playdate for myself and my son during the day with the home(un)schoolers I know in my area. There was some flurry of interest on the boards (about six in all, which is nice) but it seems to be leaning towards a girls craft group now.

This is not what I had in mind, though my daughter loves the idea. I'm keen to get her involved, but what about my son. I dislike the segregation of genders.

And what about my knitting? :)

It was my intention to write something more interesting (about my recent blog research on gardening, living frugally and such -- I found some cool new blogs to add to my blog roll list) but I still have quite a bit planned for the rest of the afternoon and evening and I didn't want the day to get away without a post.

I still need to order Spiralscouts badges for our awards ceremonial coming up next month, print out at least one chapter of the novel I'm working on and edit it for my critique group tonight, make dinner, encourage my daughter who is struggling with a re-write she needs to do for her class, visit with Anna - who is over right now playing with Robert, eat dinner and get to group on time (have to wait for Paul to get home from work first).

Craziness. :) Ain't it cool?

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