Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Nurture by Nature"

Right now I am reading (among others) this book to "Understand Your Child's Personality Type -- And Become a Better Parent."

Well, crap. How can you pass that up? Paul thinks I'm too easily swayed by what I read, but I think there is just so much information out there that I haven't given any thought to, that I add it to my already bulging files of values, belief structures, and relationships. It's just information. And I helps me determine the kind of person I want to be. What kind of parent I want to be. What kind of artist I want to be.

You get the picture.

Based on what I've read so far ... my son is an "ESTP", Thinking Experiencer with a Sensing Lead. Yeah. Not sure where they are going with that. And my daughter is an "INFP", Feeling Idealist.

More later on what that actually means. :)

Once camera is uploaded, you'll see pictures of our two field trips this past week. The Museum of Natural History and the Downtown Fire Station.

This Saturday we are attending a presentation and slideshow of Iran. And there's a sleepover in the works, too. Busy, Busy!

And if I can figure out how to import video, I'll post a funny one of a hamster up my son's sleeve. Quite the dinner party adventure.

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