Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've been writing. Today I finished an essay (maybe it could use another editing though) about the first time I looked at the pictures of the crashed car Rob died in. I took it to my critique group tonight and then edited it again once I got home -- which is why the date on this post reads Tuesday. 'Cuz I posted it at 12:22 a.m., which is still really Monday night because I haven't gone to bed yet.

I'd like to post it on my grief blog, but here's the thing. Eventually I want to publish a book of essays about my time after Rob died. But if I put all these essays on my blog, why would anyone want to buy the book? They could get it free on the blog.

I'm also thinking of merging my writing blog with this one, so I don't have to keep up on three. I thought about merging all three, because really my life encompasses all three and they all bleed onto each other's canvasses.

Like when my sister ousted me. That was grief and also affected my kids, but I only put it on my grief blog. Or when I write about depression of any kind. I sometimes think that should be in the grief blog even though it doesn't directly relate to Rob.

But I've been urged not to get rid of the grief blog with the reasoning that if I want to become an "expert" in grieving and want to publish articles in journals and magazines that talk about it, I should have the grief blog separate from the parenting stuff.

What do you think?

And should I put this latest essay on Grief Shadows? Or save it for the book?

Oh yeah, and I cut all my hair off. Pictures to come. (We all got hair cuts.)

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Individual Surrender said...

My personal opinion, you should merge the blogs... Anything to simplify your life (and it seems like it might could use a little bit of simplifying!) Take a few things off your list. You don't need all that pressure on yourself!

AND, don't publish something for free that you think you want to publish for pay!

Just my two cents.