Thursday, March 5, 2009

Master Project List

It's rainy and cold and I'm still in my pajamas and robe (fuzzy slippers, too). Despite this, though, Robert and I are taking Kiya to the dog park after lunch.

We're also out of toilet paper and are using kleenex as a replacement. So a trip to Trader Joe's would not be amiss.

I'd also like to plant some peas and spinach today. I'm not sure if that will happen. But my indoor starts are growing!!!! I'm excited about this because I generally don't keep many things alive. I've been in Eugene six and a half years now and am slowly being acclimated to the growing season, sustainability, permaculture and the like. I'm thinking that being more aware of the green species on our planet is helping me keep things alive longer.

This is my baby kale! (The red peppers at the other end of the box are not growing yet ... )

And these are the beginnings of marigolds. On closer inspection, the calendula are also sprouting, but not the verbana. Hmm.

So, I've been working on my revised list (as per Anna's suggestions) and have come up with a Master Project List. It looks something like this:

Writing Projects

a) Novel
1-new chapters
b) Critique group -- writing pieces to share
c) No Shame Theater group -- think of skits
d) Blogging
1-every day in Parenting blog
2-every other in Writing and Grief blogs
e) Query Letters
1-research mags
2-write one! (pretend I'm writing to Anna)

Gardening Projects

a) plant early seeds
1-make swimming pool bed
2-set up bamboo stakes
b) have dirt delivered for front yard
c) plan garden plot
d) plant starters in April
e) plant later seeds in April

Planning Time

a) Farm Sanctuary trip with SpiralScouts
b) Farm Sanctuary trip with homeschoolers
c) my birthday potluck -- invitations and order cakes
d) Create! Day -- invitations and buy book-making materials
e) Joey's birthday party and gift
f) Kaya's gift
g) Spring Equinox ritual (Spiralscouts)
h) " " activity with Mariamma and kids
i) Faerieworlds volunteering and attendance
j) "Focusing for Parents" workshop with Anna

Household Projects

a) quotes for van repair -- seatbelt, trim, kets, glove box
b) organize garage
c) re-tile shower stall
d) toilet seat replacement
e) clean out van -- vacuum, cleaner, put in garbage bag
f) fax medical chart to Ananda
g) cds imported to computer and put discs in case logics (cases boxed up in garage)
h) decorate eggs for egg hunt

Household Maintenance

a) clean office and keep it that way
b) fold and put away laundry
c) keep dishes up
d) detailed cleaning

Art/Playtime/Natural Learning Projects

a) get book making supplies
b) set up playdates
c) get George P. book from library and read for bookclub
d) get Aubrey's bookclub book and write date on calendar
e) connect with knitters (join circle? to learn how)
f) read more about unschooling
g) talk to kids about Iran and help cook a meal for Saturday's Persian Potluck

So far that is my list. Now I just need to find time to do any of it.

I'm also working on a "Next Step Chart". Having the original list itemized and put into categories is fine, but really, I'm just going to skip "Organize Garage" a gazillion times until I have a outline of what to do. For instance: drag all stuff out into the driveway, separate out Aniela's things and have her come over to pick them up or at least sort through them. Stuff like that.

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