Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday: Spiral Scouts and Iran

Our hearth, the Firehawks, went on a tour of a local restaurant yesterday for part of our cooking badge requirements. We first went through and learned how the servers worked their tables (how they worked in sections and how the orders went through the computer to the back kitchen, etc) and how to set a table and the scouts set their own place setting and folded napkins in a little swan boaty looking thing.

Then we went in the back kitchen and talked with the executive dinner chef and she explained how dinner worked and fun trivia like: how many pans they went through in the dinner hour(s) and had the scouts practice "sauteing" raw beans in their skillet.

They saw how the sanitizing dishwasher works.

"And this, kids, is the dishwashing area. This is one of the hardest jobs in the whole place," said Chris, our tour guide.

"The hardest?" Josh, my co-leader, said. "Then that means it must pay the most."

The dishwasher laughed.


In the evening, our family sans Paul, still at work, went to Robin's house to hear her brother in law talk about his native country Iran. It was a great potluck of Persian dishes and the presentation was very well done.

I feel relieved and happy and blessed that Robert found a friend to play with there and a playdate is in the making as we speak! I hope it sticks. Finn's parents seem real cool, too. (It's so nice when your kid makes friends with kids with parents you actually want to hang out with.)

I brought the stew in the pot. It was gone at the end of the night, so I guess it was a big hit.

All in all, a very nice day. :)

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Individual Surrender said...

you're so sweet. let's hear it for play dates!