Monday, March 2, 2009

I think the whale vertebrae was his favorite.

At the Museum of Natural History, our guide -- Gary -- let the group have free reign in this room. The kids were finally allowed to touch something and explore the room at their own pace. We looked at fossilized rocks, crystals, a giant extinct shark tooth (and all the serrations on the edges) and this blue whale vertebrae. Now, Robert could probably tell you, but my memory for facts is not as impressive as his, but I believe this giant whale is either extinct, or was the largest mammal in the sea, or the largest thing that washed up on the Oregon shore ... something impressive about it though.

Here's that tooth again. I had never noticed serations on shark teeth before. I just thought they were sharp, as in spear. Not spear-like AND saw-like.

In this part of the tour, you had to figure out what a certain item was and what the Native Americans used it for. This animal skin was obvious, but other items were tricky (I just can't show you the pics, 'cuz other people's kids are in them and I don't have their permission to publish them.)

It was a good trip and I think Robert had fun seeing other home-schoolers. I need to be more diligent about setting up playdates for him. He really craves them.

And here is a completely random picture I am throwing in because I like it. The kiddos were playing dress-up and decided to include face painting as part of it this time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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